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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Omg omg. Thanks so so much. I’m very happy. 

Tim D. 24.07.2021

...Thank you Bruno that's excellent, great customer service on your part, very much appreciated to get this sorted...


Nick T. 11.07.2021

...That's awesome. 

Thanks for that again I'll know who to ask next time or send my friends...

JP 30.05.2021                                                                                                                                                                                                      David Awards 2021.png


Flyability Map live by our partner ParaglidingMap.com



GlidePro offers you a voucher for your next purchase: All PRO features in Paragliding Map for 3 MONTHS for FREE!  
There are no strings attached, no automatic renewals. The voucher can be redeemed one time per person. 
Are you very much in need to fly after the lockdown or bad weather?
One of the essential PRO features, the Flyability Forecast for the following days will allow you to make some plans and get in the air soon again!
How to redeem the voucher? Just enter the link displayed on the voucher in your browser. It's that simple!



Get your thermal and convergence forecast before and during your flights with our partner  SkySight

Special voucher (13 months for 12-month plan purchased) available for our clients upon request

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