Ergonomic Carbon Fibre Speed Bar


This very effective handcrafted speedbar will improve considerably your speedbar handling in a pod harness.

It has been developed by Felix, a passioned PG gear freak, who has reached its final design after two years of intensive R&D.
This speed bar is made with carbon fibre, Dyneema and PU pipe.
Its weight is less than 90g.
First and second steps are done with adjustable splices and carbon fibre plates. It can be adjusted +/- 50mm.
The third step is made from an 8mm carbon fibre pipe with PU pipe on sides. This is to avoid pressure on calves, to be adaptable to different speed system harness designs and to have the chance of pushing it with feet in parallel when pulley to pulley.
Another good feature is that it can be adjusted on infinite lengths. You can decide the % of travel on the first and second steps. For example, the first step 35%, second 35% and third 30%.
It has been tested and works great with harnesses like XR7, VW x-alpsGTO, GTO light, Delight1, Delight2, Impress2, Exoceat, Skycountry Sector, Kanibal Race 2 and Skylighter... 


Retail Price: 298 NZ$* 

(Usually in stock. Discounts do not apply on this item)

speedbar mounted1 sm.JPGergonomic speed bar gen view sm.jpgergonomic speed bar gen weight 83g sm.JPG


Here we can see how the "third step" tends to stay flat or adapt to the form of the harness:

ergonomic speed bar gen 3e barreau sm.JPG

ergonomic speed bar view feets sm.JPG


Here we can see how the "third step" flex works:

ergonomic speed bar 3rd flex sm.JPG


On "third step" with feet parallel, so no flaming cocoon when pulley to pulley:

ergonomic speed bar 3rd pulled sm.JPG


Very durable. Here how it looks like after 200 hours of flight:

ergonomic speed bar after 200 h flight sm.JPG



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