Steam-purified drinking water device!

Improve your sports results and health by doing the right things for your nutrition



Remove fluoride, chlorine and nitrates
An easy and convenient solution to boiling drinking water

Our bodies are two-thirds water. Steam purified/distilled water helps remove toxins and waste from your body, as well as helping to absorb minerals & vitamins from food.

Improve your performance and recovery, while taking the path to a healthier life style.

With our distiller, you can make your own healthiest, most delicious drinking water at home for approximately 22c (NZ) a litre!

Taste the difference in your electrolyte hydration drinks, Ice Cubes, Coffee & Tea, Pasta, Rice, Steamed Vegetables & Sauces when you use purified water. Why not use distilled or purified water for your whole family, your pet or Home Brew?

Distilled water is free of bacteria and contaminants.

Springflow water distillers have been very popular in Australia and New Zealand for 20+ years

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  • Plug in and go – no installation required
  • Stainless steel exterior finish
  • Stainless steel underlid
  • Stainless steel boiling chamber
  • Stainless steel cooling coil
  • Automatic shutoff at end of cycle
  • One 4 litre glass collection jug incl filter nozzle with porcelain insert.
  • Comes with 6 carbon sachets and cleaner, enough for 6 months.
  • Made in Taiwan by Megahome

Carbon sachets remove volatile organic compounds that have a similar evaporation point to water

Steam Distillers provide you with purified drinking water, remove chemical fluoride – close to 100% purity – from ANY fresh water supply.

Removes contaminants including: bacteria, giardia, viruses, chlorine, VOC’s, nitrates, fluoride, arsenic, lead, zinc, iron and other heavy metals. 

Distilled water feels ‘soft’ to your skin.

Perfect for making sterilised water for autoclaves and colloidal silver.
As used by hundreds of dentists, vets and medical facilities in NZ and Australia.

A stainless distiller with a BPA free polypropylene jug is also available.

Weight: 5.5 kg



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- Spring Flow – Stainless Distiller + Glass Jug:   569.00 NZ$*

- Spring Flow – Stainless Distiller + PP Jug:   489.00 NZ$*

- Spring Flow – White Enamel Distiller + PP Jug:    449.00 NZ$*

- Glass distiller jug and filter holder:  109.00 NZ$*

- Set of 12 x Carbon Sachet:   38.00 NZ$*

Interest-free finance is available for 6 - 18 months (conditions apply)

Contact us for the best current deals before it's too late!



We can only ship to physical addresses (No PO Boxes)

Usually sent out the next business day, with delivery typically in 2-3 working days North Island and 4 -5 working days South Island.

  • Distillers and Whole House Sytems – $20 North Island, $25 South Island
  • Carbon Sachets – $4.99 Nationwide
  • Most other items of this range – Auckland $4.99, Rest of Country – $8.49

Some items can be combined to reduce freight costs. Any returns will have the freight cost deducted.





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