The most popular paragliding rescue system worldwide


 S 28.00 m2 / M 32.00 m2 / L 36.00 m2

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The most popular paragliding rescue system worldwide with minimum weight, small pack measurements and favourable price. ROUND PULLED DOWN APEX, in 3 sizes: Surfaces 28/32/36 m², max. towing capacity 86/94/118 kg, weight 1,5/1,7/1,9 kg 


Materials have been chosen carefully to achieve a rescue system that is light but still robust and durable.


Light-weight construction: Stretchable and slightly permeable material reduces the strain of an abrupt deceleration. Special sewing methods have allowed us to dispense with strengthening bands and high-quality material used in the construction of canopy and connecting lines have further helped in weight reduction.

Firmness: Despite the small weight, our systems proved their high firmness again and again also with the new quality seal requirements.
We achieve this goal with the use of high-quality materials and perfect processing.



Central line technology: DCharly smoothed the way for this building method and developed it up to perfection.
The opening time is shortened, the rate of descent is optimized.

Double cap technology: Already 1992 Charly's "Revolution" was the first double canopy middle line chute to attain DHV certification. In the meantime, there is hardly a considerable manufacturer that did not take over this building method.

Shock absorption system: A successful innovation of Charly is the patented SAS (Shock Absorption System).
This system, developed with a leading webbing-band manufacturer, uses absorption elements in the main bridle straps to soften deceleration, when non-permeable chute material is used, allowing for all the advantages of a non-permeable material: Slower descent with higher loading and for smaller canopy size and thereby faster deployment.



Retail price for the Second Chance with an inner bag:

- S / SC 86: 1 073.00 NZ$*

- M / SC 94: 1 129.00 NZ$*

- L / SC 118: 1 203.00 NZ$*

These prices are with Shipping included.

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 Article-No.  Type  Weight   Packing measurements   Descent speed m/s max. take-off weight
 80  100  120   160 
 SC 86  SC 86  1,56 kg  24x22x8 cm  5,9-6,4         86 kg  
 SC 94  SC 94  1,62 kg  26x24x9 cm  4,7-5,2         94 kg  
 SC 118  SC 118   1,92 kg  28x26x10 cm    4,9-5,4       118 kg  


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