AIR³ 7.2 - 7.3 - 7.3+ (with FLARM & FANET)


All in one rugged 7" Android Vario, GPS, live tracking phablet...


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About the AIR3 - New versions 2022!

  • With updated XCTrack PRO software, new Vario Sound and Shadow AIRSPACE

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AIR3-72-expert-Map-eink.png   AIR3_7.3.png


  • Expanding rapidly and now sold in more than 30 different countries, AIR³ is a rugged Android phablet (phone and tablet), a UNIQUE accurate Vario-GPS designed for flights, but it can also do much more:

    Great READABILITY under direct sunlight

    The most important factor for improved readability is to have the screen right in front of your eyes. Thanks to the AIR³ Base, the pilot can easily tilt the screen to have it perpendicular to the look. Of course, there are still some specific angles for which the sun will hide the screen greatly as with any instrument, but these cases are limited thanks to the tilt.

    Readability of AIR³
    AIR³ Airspace

    Easy AIRSPACE automatic update

    There are 2 ways to get updated AIRSPACE information with AIR³ anywhere on earth. Either with 3 clicks through XCTrack Pro based on "robot created" airspace information or with 2 clicks through AIR³ Manager based on "human validated" airspace information. This can be achieved easily with the Internet before the flight either through Wifi, BlueTooth or thanks to the 4G if you have equipped AIR³ with a Sim card. Once the info updated, you don't need anymore any internet connection and the AIR³ will warn you once you get close to a prohibited Airspace zone.


    Fully functional Android system for any other purpose

    AIR³ has been designed for free flight and is not a phablet one can find anywhere on the shelves. This is why you will be surprised that you can also do many other things with AIR³. Through Google Play, you can install any other Android App and extend with no limit the features of AIR³: Reading emails, using Google Map to get back home, looking at the live-tracking webpage to spot Airmates, watching a movie while waiting for the retrieve, using WhatsApp to call friends and many other ways at home to turn the AIR³ into a simple Android tablet and phone.

    Android system
    XCTrack Pro

    XCTrack Pro for AIR³: 100% customisable

    The XCTrack team has been involved since the beginning of the project. They have tested it, made some specific developments AIR3 requested. The device includes a customized, preconfigured XCTrack Pro "Ready to fly", taking the most advantages of the specificities of AIR³. Based on the way it is integrated together with AIR³ Manager (companion app), XCTrack Pro for AIR³ remains 100% customizable as with any other XCTrack and upgradable through Google Play once newer version will become available. If you are not familiar with XCTrack you will be very impressed by the power of XCTrack and the easiness to customize the interface.


    Large and robust design

    "When you get it in your hand, you can feel how strong it is". AIR³ has been designed to meet military standards. It doesn't fear being mistreated as it generally occurs in the course of the events that punctuate our sport. The IP68 and its rugged design make AIR³ probably the strongest device on the market. Thanks to its 7" screen, the infos are largely displayed and easily readable. As everyone knows, a large majority of pilots start to have trouble to read near and small characters from 40 years old. This large screen displays large characters, so they become easily readable with a quick look.

    Rugged Tab




Retail price for the AIR3  7.3 - 7.3+ and Accessories:

- AIR3 7.3 device:  1375.00 NZ$*

- AIR3 7.3+ (with FLARM/FANET) device:  1 759.00 NZ$*

- Air³ Base 33° or 43°:  88.00 NZ$*

- Air³ Base 33° and 43°:  109.00 NZ$*

- Air³ neoprene cover:  28.00 NZ$*

- Air³ Anti-shock/reflex protector (included in the AIR3 7.2):  26.00 NZ$*

- Air³ Powerbank 7.000 mAh:  35.00 NZ$*

- Paramotor Base for AIR³:  109.00 NZ$*





  • Key features AIR3 7.3 - 7.3+      AIR3_7.3.png


  • Processor ARM A73 – 2.0 GHz Octacore.
  • RAM 8 Gb.
  • Storage 128 Gb + MicroSD slot (up to 128 GB).
  • Android 10


  • Industrial grade GPS – GNSS GPS+Glonass+Beidou+AGPS
  • Baro/Vario based on a highly sensitive swiss sensor (Te connectivity)
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • Geomagnetic sensor
  • Gravity sensor
  • Compass
  • Gyro sensor
  • Light sensor


  • 5 physical buttons to configure different actions
  • Zoom in, Zoom out
  • Page next, previous page
  • Waypoint next/previous
  • Brightness + and –
  • Menu –
  • Emergency call
  • Voice control (via Voice access from the Android Play store)
  • Bluetooth remote control using an optional remote unit


  • 7″ inch – Color. (Includes a protective film)
  • TouchPad capacitive
  • 1000 cd/m2
  • 1280X720 (7.3) – 1920X1200 (7.3+)


  • WI-FI (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 (LE)
  • 2G, 3G, 4G
  • USB Type C – USB Pogopin
  • 3.5 Jack Stereo.

Digital camera

  • Back: 13 Megapixels
  • Front: 5 Megapixels

Technical data

  • Li-ion built in 10.000mAh battery.
  • Dimensions: 205mm*140mm*21mm
  • Weight: 650gr – 665 gr (7.3+).
  • Colour Black./Orange


  • XCTrack Pro (Perpetual licence): optimised, customised, pre-configured.
  • AIR³ Manager
    • automatic (on boot) /manual launch of XCTrack
    • automatic (on boot) /manual download of Openair file
    • define XCTrack Pro profile (Kiss- Easy-Expert-Paramotor)
    • define XCTrack Pro theme.
  • General applications linked to Android: Gallery, Internet Browser, Calendar, Calculator, Music player, Email,  Google Play, Clock, Whatsapp, Messenger, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, …
  • Compatible with  other flight Android Apps: XCsoar, LK8000, XC Guide, Safesky, Cruiser…



See other aircrafts visible via Open Glider Network on AIR³ maps

AIR³ is also an Android tablet. This means you can easily add an App to take advantage of its features. OGN viewer is an Android App that allows seeing all aircraft visible on the Open Glider Network. OGN Viewer can be set as a server to provide this data to other apps such as XCTrack Pro.

The configuration of XCTrack Pro with an external sensor to get these data from OGN Viewer allows the pilot to see, directly on XCTrack Map, all aircraft that can be seen on the OGN radar: Flarm, Fanet, Flymaster Live pilots, etc.

  • Applications

  • AIR³ Manager
    • automatic (on boot) /manual launch of XCTrack
    • automatic (on boot) /manual download of Openair file
    • define XCTrack Pro profile (Kiss- Easy-Expert-Paramotor)
    • define XCTrack Pro theme.
  • Optimised, customised, pre-configured XCtrack PRO (perpetual licence)
  • General applications linked to Android: Gallery, Internet Browser, Calendar, Calculator, Music player, Email,  Google Play, Clock, …
  • Compatible with other Android Apps: XCsoar, LK8000, Cruiser…


What's in the box?

IMG_20200225_172024.jpg = AIR3-72-expert-Map-eink.png + Anti-shock:reflex protector.jpeg    ​​​​​​ + Cables and holder.jpg + Bag with shoulder belt.jpg + Manuals.jpgSimcard adapter set with pin.jpgnotice.jpg

1 AIR3 7.2 Device, 1 Anti-shock/reflexion protector (factory installed), 1 USB type C cable, 1 small USB Micro-> USB type C adapter, 2 large velcros if you choose using AIR³ without a base, 1 Hand strap, 1 wall charger with UK/EU/US plug, 1 carrying bag with shoulder strap, a quick user manual, a user guide and a security notice.



User Manual Download

Quick User Guide AIR3 7.2

Base Mounting Instructions



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Related Products


Air3 power bank.png Price: 99.00 NZ$*

AIR³ A-grade Li-polymer battery Powerbank 20.000 mAh with solar panels and magnetic USB type-C cable.

AIR³ has a 10.000 mAh battery built-in. Depending on your settings (theme, wifi, 4G, brightness level, ...) , it will give you between 6 H and 10 H of autonomy.

According to your goals (several days trekking, avoid the worry if you forget to recharge the battery before takeoff, very long flight with maximum energy consumption,...), you may be willing to extend the energy capacity to never have to worry about it.

See the Youtube video here:

Fabric Base.png            Price: 85.00 NZ$*

See the YouTube demo here:

Air³ Fabric Base.

Tilt the screen, use a power bank.
(For AIR³: carrying case)

Pack Price Air3 Solar Powerbank + Powerbase: 164.00 NZ$*




Air³ Base 33 or 43.png         Air³ Base 33° or 43°, to tilt the screen while flying.

Price: 99.00 NZ$*


ABS Base for Air³ 33 & 43.png         ABS Base for Air³ 33° & 43°, to tilt the screen while flying.

Price: 123.00 NZ$*


Air³ neoprene cover.png         Air³ neoprene cover.

Price: 32.00 NZ$*


Anti-shock:reflex protector.jpeg        Anti-shock/reflex protector: Screen protector - Antishock - Antireflex  (included in AIR³ 7.2)

 Price: 16 NZ$*


Air³ Powerbank 7.000 mAh.png     A-grade Li-polymer batterry Powerbank 7.000 mAh.

Price: 39 NZ$*


SD-128 Gb - World Maps.png      SD-128 Gb - World Maps​​​​​​​

Price: 149 NZ$*


​      SD-32 Gb Maps​​​​​​​:region.png      SD-32 Gb - Maps​​​​​​​/region: Europe - Asia/Oceania/ME​​​​​​​ - Americas​​​​​​​ - Africa/Russia

Price/region: 49 NZ$*


Paramotor Base for AIR³ (Crab clamp, Articulated Arm, Plate). Aluminium alloy..png     Paramotor Base for AIR³ (Crab clamp, Articulated Arm, Plate). Aluminium alloy.​​​​​​​

Price: 123 NZ$*

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