Alfapilot RS

the most advanced paragliding flight instruments, with the highest performance and screen resolution in the market.


Recommended Retail Prices:

Alfapilot RS: 859 NZ$* 

Neoprene sleeve & Protector: 49 NZ$*

Semi-rigid Sleeve: 42 NZ$*

Touch Gloves: 50 NZ$*

Rigid case: 41 NZ$*

MicroSD + Maps + Elevations: 82 NZ$*

Screen Protector 9H: 22 NZ$*

Accessories Pack (Neoprene sleeve & Protector, Semi-rigid Sleeve, Screen Protector 9H):​​​​ 99 NZ$*


Text to Speech

the first flight device that allows you to define text alerts and at the moment of alert your alfapilot transforms them into a voice.



e-INK Display

Sunlight readable

The e-ink display lets you see the information perfectly at full sunlight, even with polarized glasses.

Perfect size for flight

With 6 inches and resolution HD you visualized all the information easily and conveniently.

Greater Grayscale

In alfapilot we develop our own algorithms to manage the e-INK screens, showing a gray scale of up to 256 levels, which allows us to easily identify the different elements of the map.

Higher screen resolution

The alfapilot models have the highest resolution screens, it allows you to show the different elements on the screen at high detail, and completely avoids pixelated effects that occur on lower resolution screens.


* All sizes are in Pixels Scale



The ultimate generation of positioning, with 72 channels can be used simultaneously for taking visible satellites of the GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO networks, obtaining the most accurate position and world coverage.

Digital sensors

A multi-sensor system that integrates high precision digital pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, with more than 200 readings per second to give you instant and accurate altitude data, vertical speed, as well as ceiling and dew point estimates.

Inertial Movement Unit

The RS and Xi+ models have an IMU system (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) that will show you extra data such as magnetic heading, accelerations, G-force, etc.


Exclusive applications

It incorporates our advanced navigation application SERI Fly, which has multiple modes of flight and assistants, as well as advanced algorithms that will show you accurate information at the right time.

Continuous development

Developed by and for the pilots, in alfapilot we are attentive to all your suggestions and ideas, to create the flight instrument that best suits your needs. The development and testing team is completely formed by pilots with more than 20 years of experience.

Android System

alfapilot has an Android 4.2 operating system, making it not only a flight instrument, but you also have the freedom to install applications from Play Store.

  • Triangle Assist

    Triangle Assist

  • Elevation Compute

    Elevation Compute

  • Comp Assist

    Comp Assist

  • Climb


  • Sunlight readable

    Sunlight readable

  • Thermal Assist

    Thermal Assist



  • Processor dual core Cortex A9 – 1.0 GHz.
  • RAM 512 Mb.
  • Storage 8GB + MicroSD slot (up to 128GB – Class 10).
  • Android 4.2.2 – SeRi Edition.


  • 6″ inches – GrayScale 256 levels.
  • E-Ink® CARTA HD technology
  • TouchPad capacitive.
  • BackLight.


  • GNSS position GPS & GLONASS & GALILEO simultaneous 72 Channels – up to 18Hz.
  • Barometer Sensor high sensitivity < 10cm – (Dual Sensor in model RS).
  • Humidity Sensor high resolution – up to 50Hz.
  • Inertial Movement Unit (Models RS and Xi+).


  • WI-FI (802.11 b/g/n).
  • micro USB 2.0.
  • 3.5mm Jack Stereo.


  • 4 physical buttons for configuring different actions.
  • Integrated audio 95 dB at 10 cm.
  • Audio formats MP3, WAV, OGG.
  • Image formats JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG.
  • Document formats EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, RTF, HTML, CHM, DOC, FB2, PDB, DjVu, ZIP.


  • Exclusive application SeRi Fly.
  • General applications: Gallery, Internet Browser, Calendar, Calculator, Music player, AlReader, Email, QuickDic, Google Play Store, Clock, FBReader, OReader, Cool Reader.
  • Compatible with Android Apps: XCsoar, XCTrack, LK8000, Cruiser…

Technical Data

  • up to 12 hours of battery life in fly at optimal conditions (25ºC – WIFI disabled), or 18.000 turn pages. (2800mAh)
  • Recharge time 3 hours (with 2A charger).
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 120mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 235gr.
  • Colour Black.


Retail Prices


1 107 NZ$*

Time Limited special offer: alfapilot RS & Rigid case

45 NZ$*

Neoprene sleeve with velcro for fastening and methacrylate screen protector.

75 NZ$*

MicroSD 64 Gb Class 10 + Maps + Elevations

38 NZ$*

Semi-rigid sleeve

45 NZ$*

Touch Gloves

37 NZ$*

Rigid case

20 NZ$*

Screen Protector 9H

91 NZ$*

Accessories Pack (Neoprene Sleeve & Protector, Semi-rigid Sleeve, Screen Protector 9H)

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