Sizes : 7 / 9 / 10 / 12   -   Colors :  Ocean / Fire / Earth

All-Round Kitesurf Wing

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About the SUPAIR AKOMA Kitesurf Wing


The whole SUPAIR team is proud to unveil its first-ever kitesurf wing: AKOMA, the ultimate versatile wing. Multipurpose and integrative: minimum fuss, maximum fun all year long!

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The AKOMA was carefully designed to offer versatility, sturdiness and simplicity. This 3-strut wing features the most reliable materials and will be a great and safe companion regardless of your type of practice. The AKOMA is delivered with a wing bag, manual and repair kit. It is compatible with the Supair control bar.

It was important to produce a wing that could “do it all” and would suit every kind of pilot regardless of the activity, terrain and weather conditions.

The AKOMA was developed and tested to be suitable for every pilot, practice and support. It can be used for twin type, surf, foil, tiki or even in the snow for power kiting. Development was focused on steering, handling, and safety in order to provide kiters with a stable wing that will forgive mistakes: the AKOMA allows the pilot to ride with great peace of mind.

The structure had to meet high-end standards. The wing is built to last and endure. To do so, we chose the most reliable materials, trusted factories and proceeded to run tests for hours on end. A lot of work to eventually come up with a product. After all, it’s all about riding, right ?!

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Retail price for the SUPAIR AKOMA

-  Kitesurf wing 7 m2:  1 449.00 NZ$*

-  Kitesurf wing 9 m2:  1 599.00 NZ$*

-  Kitesurf wing 10 m2: 1 647.00 NZ$*

-  Kitesurf wing 12 m2: 1 779.00 NZ$*

-  Kitesurf Bar: 589.00 NZ$* (get your Bar for FREE if you purchase 3 wings)










Technical features

AKOMA    7    9    10    12
Lower wind range – 75-kg rider (knots)    25    20    15    13
Upper wind range – 75-kg rider (knots)    35    30    25    22



Product Makeup of AKOMA Wing

  • - Wing AKOMA
  • - Bag
  • - User’s manual
  • - Repair kit





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