Hungry for XC-flights / Hike&Fly adventures wing, without compromises for extensive travels to remote take-off sites.

LTF/EN B - 22 m2 / 24 m


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Remote Hike & fly + XC, intermediate, fun flights


About the U-TURN Annapurna


The spirit of the time demands high flexibility and independence, a trend that carries the origin of paragliding into the future. Minimal weight and simple handling - the ANNAPURNA sends the perfect statement and redefines mobility. 

The innovative light wing is a perfect all-rounder with unlimited possibilities. Its elaborate lightweight construction is developed for long-term durability and not only convinces during carrying but even more so in mid-air. The ANNAPURNA combines outstanding glide features with sweet-tempered reaction behaviour. The minimal weight of the canopy additionally promotes this. Nevertheless, the wing has goodwill to turn, provides a sportive handling and directly and instantly transforms control pulses. When in the thermal lift, it conveys a constant feeling and is unperturbed by turbulent conditions. Especially in harsh alpine conditions, the ANNAPURNA offers a very reliable starting behaviour besides the sweet-tempered flying features. The light canopy rises almost on its own over the pilot, even in tricky conditions, and takes off with low running speed. Because of the outstanding slow flight features, the take-off distance is very low. This feature will especially be appreciated after a strenuous climb. The ANNAPURNA builds on the enormous existing knowledge and experience from the high-performing Hike&Fly reference EVEREST and enhances the U-Turn Light-Line with an ultra-light low-end B alternative.

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This ultra-lightweight wing is aimed at a multilayered pilot profile. It delights the casual pilot as well as the ambitious alpine pilot and even provides students with the opportunity to experience Hike&Fly easily. 

The pack size that is compatible with the day bag additionally makes the ANNAPURNA an unimposing travelling companion for remote holiday destinations.



Retail price for the U-TURN ANNAPURNA:  5 723.00 NZ$* in all sizes, shipping NZ wide included.

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During the construction of the ANNAPURNA, chief designer Ernst Strobl focused on simplification through innovative construction features. The 3D-shaping and elaborate calculations of the ballooning combined with the optimised pre-tensioning of the wing, provide the ideal flow around the profile. The Precision Profile Nose System (PPN) helps to give the optimised flow alongside the whole cell opening area. Mini ribs and the Brake Gathering System (BGS) are transmitting control pulses to the wing with high efficiency and precision. The elaborate calculations of the High-Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) are not only providing optimised performance weight but also maximise the lateral aeration of the cross ports. A very well-structured line concept with a few main lines provides secure handling and a good overview during the launch. The risers are equipped with the Multiple Speed System (MSS) and through a second pulley, the accelerator travel can be shortened and thereby the glider can be turned into an LTF-A Hike&Fly wing that is suitable for training.


An intelligent material mix provides more durability with reduced weight. A high value was set on the lasting construction to keep the good flying features for everyday life. Again the comprehensive empirical values of the EVEREST came in handy. Established long term durability was also the main focus for choosing the material configuration. The used lightweight material Dokdo 10D is coated on both sides and isn‘t only the lightest material on the market, but also exceeds conventional materials in regards to porosity. To avoid additional seams, the design on the bottom sail was completely forgone.​​​​​​​ 





The ANNAPURNA is available in two certified sizes 22 and 24 and thereby covers a weight range from 60 -110 kg. 


Technical Data


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