Revolutionary performance capability - 10.7 Glide ratio - with straightforward handling, considerably raised the bar in the B-class.

LTF/EN B - XS 22.6 m2 / S 24.8 m2 / M 27.2 m2 / L 29.2 m2


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Competition in fun class, XC, intermediate, fun flights




The demands for the new generation were accordingly merciless. The BLACKLIGHT 2 packs a new performance dimension on top of that. The wing was newly designed from scratch and comes up with a clearly higher speed and an enormous glide ratio of 10.7. The BLACKLIGHT 2 conveys an appreciable compact feeling and efficiently brings the power to XC adventures. The fascinating sportive handling is what makes the glider a precise thermal turner. Besides the impressing performance the wing also offers safety and comfort that will take you even further.

With the BLACKLIGHT 2 U-Turn already presents the new XC generation. The revolutionary high-end B XC wing BLACKLIGHT 2 emphasizes the innovative energy of U-Turn. The wing was completely newly constructed and carries the tradition of high-performance capability with easy handling into the future. The work in development to re-interpret the top seller took over two years. Of course, all parameters were meant to be improved upon clearly. That admittedly posed a quite ambitioned challenge, that was more than achieved with the BLACKLIGHT 2. The new overall concept not only brings a clear increase in power but also the handling and safety were refined and optimized. Additionally, remarkable weight saving was realized through intelligent construction innovations.


The kilometre-eater reacts precisely and absolutely free of delay to the littlest control pules and translates thermal lift into height very reliably. The sleek wing also stands compactly in turbulent air and nevertheless conveys precise feedback. Above all the shark nose provides high stability and an extended inflow area, which more comfort and power on longer XC flights. However, the reactions of the canopy are moderate and soft. The high potential gives the wing excellent starting features and ensures a low take-off speed as well as very good slow flight features.

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The BLACKLIGHT 2 is a must-have for ambitioned XC pilots, who are looking for a power wing with straightforward handling without renouncing the comfort of passive safety. 


Retail price for the U-TURN Blacklight 2:  6 206.00 NZ$* in sizes XS & S

                                                                  6 350.00 NZ$* in size M

                                                                  6 439.00 NZ$* in size L

                                                                  Shipping NZ wide included.

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The BLACKLIGHT 2 is based on a new ground plan and paired with an elaborately calculated wing profile, which provides much power with high stall tolerance. Chief designer Ernst Strobl equipped the BLACKLIGHT 2 with a shark nose, that provides higher stability during higher speeds. The 3D shaping gives the wing a wrinkle-free tension and increases, in combination with the Precision Profile Nose (PPN), the form fidelity in the nose area. Complex calculations of the ballooning in conjunction with the optimized pre-tensioning of the wing provide the perfect flow around the profile. The High-Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) idealizes the lateral aeration of the crossports and provides the wing with balanced internal pressure. The line setup is very straightforward with three main lines.



Low canopy weight with high durability - the intelligent material mix and high-quality processing of the BLACKLIGHT 2 promise that. The power wing is exclusively manufactured with the top material Dokdo 20. The high-quality fabric guarantees low self-weight at high abrasion resistance. Therefore the outstanding flying features can be sustained over a long time.





The BLACKLIGHT 2 is a must-have for ambitioned XC pilots, who are looking for a power wing with straightforward handling without renouncing the comfort of passive safety.



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