It was born on the slalom course and carries the competition gene within itself.

 16 m2 / 17 m2 / 18 m2

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About the U-TURN Pylo


This expert glider was developed throughout two successful competition years and Guillaume Vallance continued to optimize the glider during those times.


Although the wing is designed for competitive slaloms, the PYLO also convinces with its manageable reactions. And even though the high speed and dynamics are fascinating, only the good feeling makes the crucial difference when in competition. The powerful reflex wing section brings a lot of performance at high canopy resistance and also attacks more turbulent air masses in combination with the sharknose. The 3D race steering geometry transmits the impulses directly to the wing and provides, in combination with the smooth speed system, an extraordinarily precise control without loss of energy.

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The canopy is available in the stylish colour combination „Black/Red“
in three sizes from 16 M(75 - 125 kgs) to 18 M2 (95 - 145 kgs).

With DGAC certification.


Technical Data


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