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Maximum Comfort and Safety for Hike & Fly Pilots



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About the Wani light

On the basis of the Wani, a particularly lightweight reversible harness for the Hike & Fly sector has emerged. With a weight of only 2.6 kg (size L and 2.9 kg in size XL), the harness is a real lightweight. Nevertheless, the new protector system offers sufficient security. The back pressure-filled airbag is held in shape by a Nitinol wire, providing 60% of its protection before take-off. By 100% inflation of the airbag, the test result was less than 20 G.

Visually, the harness is very similar to the Wani, with only minor changes in favor of the weight. The reversing concept was also adopted from the Wani, the 73 liter backpack is stored in a separate pocket from the airbag.

As mentioned above, the Wani light is mainly designed for Hike & Fly. This is the reason why the volume of the rescue chute compartment is small and ideal for all light reserve chute up to 3.8 liters. Due to the separate inner container and the new system, the installation of the rescue chute is much easier. The trigger test was carried out in the G-Force Trainer at 4 G and classified as easily triggered.

The Wani light is available in M, L and XL in the color black/turquoise/anthracite.
The total weight of only 2.6 kg (size L) includes seat board, integrated outer and inner container with trigger
handle, carabiner, and V-line.


Retail price: 1 254.00 NZ$*

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Technical Data

Sizes: M – L – XL
Weight: 2,6 kg (Size L)
Maximum Load: 120 kg
Built-in parachute container: under the seat

Emergency handle: Right side, with attached float bag (Left-hand extraction in option), Vol. < 3,8 L
Protection: High-performance airbag. Thanks to a Nitinol wire, opens with pressure under 20g
Carabiner: Camp / Alu
Rigid seat board: Polycarbonate
T- Lock: no
Get- Up: yes

Material: Cordura 200
Colors: Black/blue
LTF Certification: EAPR

Size chart

Wani light Size chart M-L-XL-en-1024x627.gif


High-performance airbag protection!

The airbag system has been completely redesigned to provide greater passive safety than previous generation airbags.

Thanks to the use of Nitinol (highly resistant and non-deformable metallic wire) inserted in the lower edge of the airbag, we were able to obtain 60% of the protective capacity before complete inflation which takes place in flight.

When fully inflated, it is fully comparable to the results of our spring airbag harness systems.

The inflation valve has also been completely redesigned to guarantee airflow in the airbag notwithstanding the position of the legs. The thin shape of the valve improves the aesthetics of the airbag.


LTF Certification

Wani_light-bR airbag test.jpg






Designed for guaranteed comfort even after hours of walking!

The reversibility system is the same as the Wanì, with a rucksack independent from the airbag enclosed in the rear containment pocket.

- Its breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder straps helps to make it comfortable for walking

- Ergonomic shoulder straps

- Adjustable to meet your needs

- Easy camel-bak installation

- Convenient pockets to hold all your accessories

- The space inside the rucksack has been specially designed to hold light flight equipment suitable for Hike & Fly



Harness features


Rucksack features