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About the X Alps GTO

Higher - faster - farther - but with safely. For the 5th edition of the Red Bull X-Alps, Woody Valley presents the eponymous pod harness in a new look!

Fully cladded this time, with an integrated rescue container, 12 cm back protection and LTF approval.

The Woody Valley X-Alps GTO has already shone in the test of DHV (see DHV test), but now a few details have been further improved:

• Easier closure of the leg loop memory and dropping out through a mini T-Lock (see picture)

• Improved closure of the pod by a magnet

• Improved cut of the pod, which makes getting started easier

• Completely redesigned front pocket with 4.5 l ballast container with improved aerodynamics and better integration into the leg bag. The ballast container is simply connected with a zipper with the leg bag. The drain hole is located on the right side of the bag.

• Optionally it is possible to replace the front pocket with a front container, which comes complete with V-line (to the main carabiners).

• A buckle connects the cockpit for better fixation with the chest strap. The cockpit now has an elastic bag for batteries and a pen holder

• Under the seat, there is another ballast container for 4.5 kg. The drain hole is at the lower left edge, as in the former X-Rated 5.

• The reserve parachute container is made of an elastic material to optimally accommodate rescue parachutes of different sizes.

The X-Alps GTO has the same geometry as the new X-Alps harness, which was specially developed for the 5th edition of the Red Bull X-Alps.

The big plus of the X-Alps GTO compared to the competition version is, of course, the 12 cm thick back protector and the LTF approval achieved as a result.

All components are adapted to the needs of the pilot in a long and tiring competition such as the Red Bull X-ALPS, without sacrificing good safety reserves. Of course, this also benefits "weight - conscious" long - haul pilots and Hike & Fly pilots.

Here are the most important features at a glance:

• Front cockpit

• Get-Up System

• Back pocket for backpack and trekking poles

• 2 side pockets

• 1 front pocket for the radio or similar

• Aerodynamic back

• Integrated leg cover

• Speed ​​bar system with 3 flexible stages

• Light polycarbonate seat


Retail price for the X-ALPS GTO with back protection (Full optional):  2 405.00 NZ$*

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Weight* 4.965 kg
Certification LTF with GET-UP system
Protection 12 cm foam protection
Principal materials Lycra, Polyamide, karabiners Camp-Para, buckles Camp
Seat plate Carbon
Sizes M L XL
Distance between karabiner and seat 44.5 cm 47 cm 49.5 cm
Seat plate rear/front width 23.5/21 cm 25/22.5 cm 26.5/23.7 cm
Seat plate depth 36.8 cm 39 cm 41.5 cm
LTF certification EAPR-GZ-7438/11    

*total weight of size L, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection



      Size Chart


Exenses Air M-L-XL-en-1024x627.gif


Here you will find the User Manual for the X Alps GTO: https://www.woodyvalley.eu/download/manuals/en/GTO.pdf

This innovation can save your life!




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